Knitting stories

My knitting story

I’m often asked when I am KIP (knitting in public) how and where I learned to knit, so I thought I would share the official story. Over the years, I’ve often admired different aspects of knitting.  Either through books, magazine articles, farmers markets or the occasional newspaper piece, different and wonderful knitted projects would catch my eye and I would think to myself ‘Some day, I am going to learn how to do this’.

Last February, someday finally came.  Like many individuals, 2010 has become my year for doing things.  Instead of putting off the things I want to do, I’m actually doing quite a few of them (more on the many things in a later post, I’m sure-this one is about knitting).  A newspaper article came out about one of the Local Yarn Stores (LYS) and advertised classes so I signed up.  The shop itself is a nice, cozy place.  It smell of wool (a distinct scent I now recognize), and has nice ladies behind the counter offering advice and often knitting a lovely piece themselves.

The teacher of the class was also the LYS owner, and was quite easy to work with.  I had a tendency to knit continental style and while that was not her preferred method of knitting, she was able to direct me and help me figure out how to make the stitch look the way I wanted it to.  The best piece of advice she gave us was that there is no one specific way to knit!  We were to make a basic beanie hat for our project, and the entire first week, I didn’t even start my project.  I just worked on my knits and purls.  And I watched LOTS of Youtube tutorials.  Lots.  I unabashedly tell people to use the power of youtube.   Within a week I had knitted my hat and learned how to knit.  And I was hooked!  I have since made a few more hats, a set of legwarmers, and a bikini, all of which I have given away or I would put up a picture for you.    Now I spend days at the library searching out knitting books for ideas and techniques, and I’m always looking for projects to save for when I’m more skilled or a rainy day.  I’ve also managed to inspire a co-worker to knit with me and she is equally hooked!

So to date, that is my knitting obsession story.  I hope you enjoyed!


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