My First Foray Into Felting….

With the knitting completed on my shrug (pictures soon….) I decided to knit on something else this weekend instead of actually seaming my shrug together so that it is indeed complete, and therefore a wearable item.   No, no, instead I decided to make these lovelies from French Press Knits …..

Since this is the first time I have ever felted, I’m pretty proud.  I really like  that it is a forgiving process (as my seams still leave much to be desired aesthetically) and I have also noticed that one is slightly bigger than the other.   I guess this means I’ll just have to make another set.  Darn ;).  I will also admit that I don’t like the smell of wet wool.  My husband walked into the laundry room to observe the process and commented that it smelled like wet dog.

The pattern itself was easy to follow, very straight-forward and allowed me to conquer my fear of ‘make one’ increases.  The Author’s Tips are very helpful.  I only deviated from the pattern in that I used jeans for agitation instead of tennis balls.  I have a furry companion that eats all tennis balls upon entry into the house….

I am confident that several pairs of these will be made for Christmas Gifts this year……


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