Finished slippers, an improvised purse, and 10 things about me

I have finished my slippers.  I’m going to be making several pairs in the near future.

Darling Daughter requested a purse in the bright orange that I knitted my lovely slippers in.  It was the first time I did not follow a pattern, I just knit it up!  Very Exciting!  She has taken it everywhere with her since I seamed on the strap.  I was going to add a flap over the top, add some pretty trim to it and weave in the ends, but Darling Daughter has inherited her mama’s impatient-ness and likes it as it is.

Now for Ten Things about me….

1.  I love ellipses….

2.  I am an avid reader.  My favorite is Sci-fi/Fantasy.  But I really love to read anything.

3.  I have a black thumb.  I have tried to garden multiple times and love the idea of growing my own food.  Unfortunately, the plants usually barely make it, let alone produce sustenance. Bad for me, good for local farmers markets.

4.  I’m a  ‘Coffee-aholic’.  But that’s pretty much the only addiction I’ll own up to.

5.  I snore…and sometimes drool.

6.  I am a feminist, but anyone that knows me is in no way surprised by that statement.

7.  I love dogs (and cats, and goats, and alpacas….and anything else fuzzy with at least 2 legs….).

8.  I like to think I’m funny.

9.  I am becoming obsessed with Tiny Houses.  And I mention them whenever I get a chance.

10.  I check my Facebook account WAAAAYY too often.


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