Hats! It’s what I’m making you for Christmas/Birthday/Whatever.

I was on a hat kick all last week and I have the feeling this kick will continue for a while now.  I really like the portability and instant gratification I get out of making hats.  Ahnna loved what was supposed to be an infant hat.  Her head is so small that it fits her as a beanie.  So of course, that just means I’ll have to make another one.

The blue hat was made with basic veriegated acrylic yarn (for good old wash and wear), and also because it was intended for an infant and I wanted warmth without irritation.  This is the first thing I made with this type of yarn, it knitted up quickly (3 hours) and was a VERY easy pattern.  I’ve re-searched everywhere for the pattern and I can’t find it, so hopefully, I can link it up soon.

The second hat I worked on was again with veriegated yarn (in RAINBOW) in a washable wool/acrylic blend  for my niece.  It is going to be the kittyville hat as soon as I get the ears and earflaps knitted up.  This is the second time I’ve made this hat and comparing it with the first was and interesting experience.  I was able to see what I had done wrong the first time around and what I thought looked good then vs what I think looks good now.  I think I’ll have to do this with a few other patterns to measure experience growth…or just have fun knitting up a great pattern.  I really like the fun this hat inspires.

My third hat is for the husband and is called The Boy Hat.  I am sheepishly admitting that this is the first item I am knitting for him.  It is a basic rib pattern using a  75% merino wool, 25% camel hair blend with an interesting twist on how to make the crown.  I must say that it looks very masculine and my husband likes the color.  It’s also very soft, and the camel hair gives it a little bit of fuzziness.  He will get this for his birthday.

As mentioned in my knitting story, 2010 was/is my year for doing things (my bucket list, if you will…) and one of many things on that list was to try roller derby.  It. Is. Awesome.  So, how to combine the love of knitting with the love of roller derby you ask?  Why, I’ll just have to check out the book Knockdown Knits, and tell/show you all about it ;).


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