New WIP, and a Valuable Lesson Learned….

This took about an hour....

Completed around 11pm at night....

I wish I was more talented with photography...

These arm-warmers are the Current WIP.  I am using the Lettuce Arm Warmer Pattern from Debbie Stoller.  As normal for Ms. Stoller’s designs, I had to go down in needle size, even when my gauge matches up.  Otherwise, I end up with something too large to wear….

I also used her Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe yarn.  I personally love this yarn.   It’s warm, washable (I found this out on accident when my dd had a swatch in her pocket), and I like the colorways (see, I’m learning/using new knitting lingo all the time….) that this particular yarn is available in.  Also, it’s cheap and that’s a biggie for me.  There are so many beautiful patterns out there, but I’m frugal by necessity (i.e. poor).   Many patterns I love are designed for yarns outside of my budget.

This is where my Valuable Lesson comes in and also why I haven’t posted in a while.   I cheated, and didn’t swatch for one of my now-finished projects.  It was supposed to be this spiral cowl pattern that I found on Ravelry.  Let me repeat that it was SUPPOSED to be a cowl.  Now it’s a shoulder warmer for my 4.5 year old.  Swatch and Do Math.  Lesson learned.


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