My Morning Frost Wrap

I’ve broken my monotonous-color bubble and am currently making something in RED!!! (not gray, blue or purple). This is the Morning Frost Wrap by Debbie Stoller.  Some days when I’m thinking up blog posts, I wonder if I ought to just rename it ‘Debbie Stoller Fan Club’, as it seems I’m always doing up one of her patterns, lol.  I liked this wrap when I saw it, and a friend was having some trouble getting it started, so I thought I would knit it along with her.  As many Raverlers have stated, it’s kind of a boring pattern (and I agree), but I like boring.  I can now do this while watching television or kids or do a row or two while in public and not worry about messing up (at least not much….).  I like that.  I’m hoping that I will have this completed in time to wear around the holidays since it’s a nice Christmas-y color.    I’m also in the process of working up a couple of hats and scarves for various  immediate family members.  I’ll have to post those once they are given :).


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