The Citron Shawl

Dream In Color Yarn in the Black Parade colorway.

Have you ever had a project that you both love and are so ready to be done with all at the same time?  I promise that I love the Citron Shawl.  5,669 Ravelers can’t be wrong.  It’s a lovely knit.  But I’m ready to be done.  I’ve been working on mine steadily for just under a month now.  But I’ve been working on the lace ruffle for FOUR DAYS and I have to say that it’s never-ending.  Maybe yarn gnomes are ripping out my stitches at night?  Who knows.  But I hope to have it finished sometime on this NYE and blocking tomorrow to gift on Sunday to my grandma (who was supposed to receive it for Christmas….).

Citron shawl in progress

For my Citron shawl, I used the Dream in Color Baby Lace Weight in the Black Parade colorway and a Size 6/24″  circular needle.

A closer look at the ruffle-y stripes



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