Oatmeal Pullover Completed!

The 'close-up'.

I will definitely say that I am pleased with how my first sweater worked out.  I do need to re-do a sleeve, but other than that, it FITS! (Jump up and down with me!)

I’m excited and proud that I MADE something that I can actually wear in public. And the feeling of a completed garment far surpasses the happiness I feel when I complete a smaller project (although I still feel accomplished). Wow!  Now of course I’m scouring Ravelry for my next sweater project…although I’m fairly certain of which project I’m going to delve into next.

Little Miss heard 'picture'...and well, you can see that she is in every one.

As I mentioned earlier, I will have to rework my left sleeve as it is noticeably larger than the other in pictures.  Ahem, I thought I might get away with it until I saw it on….

Then of course Mr. Man had to be involved too....

These dashing youngsters in the pictures are my lovely children.  Both have ‘helped’ me knit at some point in this project and both are incorrigible HAMS!

And well....they're just plain cute (but I'm a *little* biased)


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