Swatching For Georgia

A Possibility.....

Currently, I am swatching for my Georgia Cardigan.

I was started swatching while working on the Oatmeal Pullover (when it was officially too bulky to carry everywhere).

I picked up a skein of this yarn at Joann’s because I liked the greens and it was very affordable.  Since I’ll need 1700 yards of sock yarn, price most definitely IS a factor if I’m going to make this cardigan.

The side view....

For those curious, it is Deborah Norville Collection Garden Serenity Yarn.  It is 100% Dralon Microfiber (i.e. man-made) and therefore machine washable.  It has a decent Ravelry review, and while knitting it up, I had no complains about the yarn…however…

'Camo' swatch.

I don’t do camo.

I in fact, loathe camo prints.  When someone buys/gifts my children camoflage in any color, it immediately goes to the donation bag.  My little boy only has one pair of camo shorts that my husband snuck past me.

After knitting this up, I’m very leery of using a veriegated yarn for this pattern, but I might consider the lovely red shade that is available with this yarn…..

But more than likely, I’m going to just keep on swatching 😉


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