Seaming/Sewing….is a B*(&;%$.

I am not an experienced seamstress by any stretch of the imagination.  So…I of course need to remedy this.

knitted....but not yet seamed.....

In order to force myself to learn how to seam, I picked projects that would require said seaming or sewing to finish.  I kid you not, it is taking me longer to finish these projects than it was to knit them.  BUT, I’m learning how to seam/sew and if you are the recipient of one of these lovely items, know that I can’t send them to you until they’re done right.

Almost finished. I learned the hard way not to 'wing it' when sewing buttons on straight.....

I did find a lovely tutorial on mattress stitch by KNITfreedom, so if you’re interested in different techniques and becoming a “knitting superstar” (I know I am…), check it out!


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