Wispy Cardi Beginnings…


Malbrigio in Pearl Colorway

I have begun my Wispy Cardi adventure.

This pattern was on sale as a kit from Knitbot’s Hannah Fettig last month and it was such a great deal, I couldn’t pass it up!

a few inches = a beginning 🙂

I chose the pearl colorway, but honestly, I had a really hard time deciding…

My guage swatch matched with a  size 6/24″ lace circular needles.

I expect this to take me the better part of a month.  HOPEFULLY, I’ll complete this in time for Easter, but since this is the tiniest yarn in history (i.e. lace…), we’ll have to see….

Credit for a FANTASTIC designer!

I would like to note that I do not own a ball winder.  All skeins must therefore be wound by hand.  At first it was relaxing…however, it took an hour and a half to wind one ball.  That, in my humble opinion, is A LOT of relaxing.  Maybe my husband will get me a ball winder for Mother’s Day? (hint, hint…but I also have my eye on a bicycle…DECISIONS!)


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