Hemlock Ring Blanket

Cascade Eco Wool + in the Case Colorway

Recently, I started the Hemlock Ring Blanket written by The Rainey Sisters and Jared Flood.

This (ahem) is a very popular pattern and while randomly searching Ravelry I found a fellow knitter who is ALSO knitting up a Hemlock Ring and has set up a KAL.  So please, feel free to join along with us as well.  Even though April is half-over, this is a pretty fast knit.

 I am using the Cascade Eco Wool as suggested by the pattern.  So far I’ve only needed to rip it out once, but I was able to clean up my cast on.   Currently, I’m just starting the feather and fan portion.  I’m a little surprised how easily I’m reading the chart, especially since I’ve shunned charts in the past.

Its really not this blue in person....

I’ve admittedly been in a bit of a knitting slump lately.  Part of that has to do with finances as I am sadly in love with yarns outside of my current budget (sigh).

Part of the slump is because I have been finishing projects that needed seaming, sewing, or the weaving in of ends.  While I have no problems starting multiple projects, I do have a hard time not feeling guilty for not having completed the projects in a certain amount of time.  My solution(?)…procrastination.

Also, I am involved in Roller Derby.  The Bash Valley Clobber Girls are getting ready for our first ever BOUT!  This is terribly exciting.  It also means that I am practicing with a little more regularity than I was before, which in turn, means less time for knitting (and a sore body!).  So until May 8th, this derby girl (has been) and will be dedicating most of her knitting time to practicing in roller skates…

What other non-knitting hobbies do you do?


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