Knitting stories, Wraps

Hemlock and Cladonia

Hemlock Completed

I finally
finished the Hemlock Blanket this past June.  I loved knitting
it and anticipate making it again someday…but not right away.
 A couple of things happened this summer.  One, I found
out I was expecting and so did not knit during the whole of the
first trimester…and therefore no knitting blogging.  Two, my
cousin is getting married this fall and asked for a shawlette and
we agreed upon Cladonia.
 Three, the kids and I have had allergies and a cold for the
past few weeks.  Ugh.  Four, I have another striped scarf
that I’m working on for a gentleman.  It’s the most boring
scarf in the world and makes me wistful for all the things I wish I
was knitting instead. The first thing was unexpected.  And I
was soooo tired during my first trimester that I barely did
anything outside of go to work and sleep.  My house/yard/kids
were a mess for quite a while. The second thing was fun to knit.
 After I found a renewed sense of energy, cleaned up the
house/yard/kids,  I tackled Cladonia.  And then I found a
large, unfixable  hole smack dab in the middle of the shawl.
 I was down to my last few increase rows prior to setting up
for the border.  I sighed & ripped the whole thing out
and started from scratch. I also scrapped the looped Picot Edge.
 I like it on many Raveler’s Finished Objects, but by the time
I was at the bind off, I was ready to be done.  I tried the
looped edge for a good two hours before I gave up and went with a
regular Picot Bind Off, and I’m happy with the result.   So
while I had to reknit and it took me two extra weeks to finish my
project, I’m happy with the second product.  Here are some
pictures 🙂

Cladonia completed

 For this weekend, I’m planning
to sit in front of the television, watch Gossip Girl
Season 4,
 go to the family wedding, and
(hopefully) finish the ugly scarf.  Then I’m going to work on
some goodies like the Rae


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