Knitting Goals 2012

I have a non-ambitious year planned for 2012. It seems that every year I decide that I want to knit all kinds of gifts for people & never quite get them all completed. So since I have an infant this year…I’m taking things slow. The only real goal I have so far is to record my knittings a little better. I completed several more projects than what I actually blogged about OR put on my ravelry page. I would also like to play with photo editing a bit more and have nicer pictures, especially since Picnik is shutting down. I did upgrade to an iPhone this year, so I plan to blog a bit more from that platform. I’d like to make a sweater for each member of the family (and have it done before that person grows out of it….). I’d like to try out making a pair of socks. And I’d like to knit from my stash except for the sweaters, those will require new yarny purchased (darn…lol).
And so, as I write this, I notice that I’ve put quite a bit on my plate. Here’s to a crafty 2012!



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