T3 KAL Week 1

Okay..so Tops, Tanks, and Tees Knit A Long is a lot to type when referring to luvinthemomyhood’s knit along, so from now on, it’s T3 KAL ;).  

Here’s my progress so far!


Ravelry project page is here.


6 thoughts on “T3 KAL Week 1

  1. Oooh, it is very pretty and I love the pattern you’ve chosen. This KAL is terrible for my ravelry queue and I’ve found that I suddenly need to meet a wealthy friend who can buy all my yarn for me 😉

      • Me too! Whew, so many beautiful patterns and yarn.
        LOVE yours. I’ve been kinda obsessed with this color recently. In fact, I just looked down and I’m wearing the exact color. ha!

  2. Great title for the KAL. It is a very long name, isn’t it?
    Love the top you picked. I’ve now faved in on Ravelry.
    Look forward for the finished viewing!

  3. I went for TT&T, but T3 is so much better!! Lovely colour that you are working with and I love the neckline on the top you are making, very pretty. I still have a new baby tummy, but my new baby is 16 months old…not sure the flabby bits will ever go away now (it all looks ok until I sit down then you realise that there really is no tone to my tummy!!)

    • Lol, my tummy won’t go away until after we’re done breastfeeding (if I follow the same pattern as with my first two…). At least this time I’m already at pre-baby weight, just flabby!!! I’m almost ready to pick roller-skating back up, just not competitively. It WILL come off again, lol!

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