Summer Sweater KAL Week 1

I will eat my toes!!!

This is what I am up against in regards to knitting time. It’s hard to knit with so much cuteness literally sitting in my lap. This is Kellan Wilder. He is my third little one and is currently 5 1/2 months old. He is in that fun stage where he is feeling everything with his mouth. I can no longer knit with him in my arms unless he is sound asleep because yarn or needles seem to end up covered in drool (slimed is the term my husband uses…).

As for my Downtown, here is where I was before yesterday.

Pre-Fourth of July shot.

We’re currently experiencing a drought and heat wave here in the Midwest. I knit all day yesterday but I haven’t had time to take a decent picture & edit it. I’m about an inch away from separating the sleeves and starting the body. Hopefully, after I spend some time baby-proofing the house this weekend, I’ll have time to take some updated pictures, post and knit some more!


4 thoughts on “Summer Sweater KAL Week 1

  1. I remember those days when the baby went from happily sitting on your lap quietly to pulling on everything from your shirt to your hair because now they really ‘see’ things. So much fun for the baby not so much for the knitting.

    Still, an inch from separating that’s good progress for a week! Good luck with the baby proofing…I tried but the babies just keep getting into the house! 😉

  2. Sara W. says:

    The cuteness! It is such a fun age.

    As for your sweater, I would be drooling on it too. The color is to.die.for. seriously I am in love.

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