Summer Sweater KAL

SSKAL Week 4

My house is a mess.  I can’t help but knit on this lovely every chance I get.  I’m down to the twisted ribbing at the bottom and this sweater seems to fit beautifully.  My only complaint is that I have several more buttonholes than the pattern says I should have, but I guess that just means I’ll have more buttons as every other measurement is spot on.  Ah well.  I’m still debating on how long I’m going to make the sleeves (I have a love of 3/4 sleeves…) and I think I’m going to try and do the sleeves simultaneously to avoid sleeve-itis.  All in all, I’m excited by the possibility of this sweater being done in about two weeks!


4 thoughts on “Summer Sweater KAL

  1. pretty color and you are making great progress. Can’t wait to see what buttons you pick. It’s hard enough for me to decide on color of yarn, buttons take even longer.

    • I did have the most perfect buttons picked out…but I don’t have enough of them 😦 They are from my great-grandmothers button stash. I’ll just have to find replacements….

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