Lily 2014

More Snow Day Shenanigans.  I’m working to improve my photography skills, so I may from time to time subject you all to our four legged child Lily (aka Lilz, Lily-Lou, Fatty-Lou or Silly-Lily).

Lily’s story

We adopted Lilz about a year ago via a random internet ad.  When I went to pick her up, she was skin and bones, smelled like they had Febreezed her (they also sent her with the offending spray so that I could keep her smelling ‘fresh’), and they warned me that we would have to be careful not to give her too much water because she would throw it up.  To this day, I’m still not sure if the people who gave her up had no idea how to care for a dog or if they were just that stupid & neglectful.  She is an absolute sweetheart.  From the day she came to live with us we fell instantly in love.  Lilz is a fantastic cuddle-partner and lap/foot warmer, has the funniest personality, has decent potty habits, is great off the leash, and is wonderful with the kids.  In the past year she has been pampered, loved, FED, and vetted.  My mom watches her when she watches the other kids so she’s almost never alone and both my mom & sister joke that they’re going to keep her (not happening).  If you’ve never considered fostering or adopting an adult dog, I urge you to consider doing so.  Most people who put up a pet for adoption aren’t doing it to be mean to their pet or make money.  I like to think that in Lily’s case, they genuinely understood that she deserved better and knew they weren’t providing it. In any case, we’re glad to have her around.


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