baby knits

On Baby Knits


Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of baby knits. They’re cute, yes, but in the past I have been known to get irritated at their lack of practicality. Lately, however, they have been appealing. Since we have three kids ourselves I am not as mobile or able to lend a helping hand to friends who are now having children for the first (or fifth) time. I can offer encouragement, advice, a midnight shoulder to text on, or I can drop off meals. But since I have my own brood with germs of their own, it’s generally appreciated that I offer help at a distance until the new parents are comfortable knowing/remembering that germs are not in fact the end of the world. And here is where the baby knit is starting to win my appreciation. I hope that it’s a reminder that I am there to lend that shoulder, drop off dinner, and that while I keep a physical distance those parents are still in my thoughts. I hope that the recipient(s) know that I stitched the item with love and good wishes and that it’s okay if they never actually put it on their child. Maybe I’ll make one of those super cute modge-podge hangers to go with it. Crafty goodness, right there.


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