It’s official. I purchased a ticket to Bonnaroo!


I like to joke that I'm just fulfilling one of the requirements for my midlife crisis, but there are lots of folks at multi-day music festivals around my age. I'd even argue that mid-30's festival goers would have more fun. We know our limits, spend our money wisely on good footwear, and generally don't need to prove that we're cool enough by drinking our weight in alcohol.

Bonnaroo is a festival I've wanted to attend since 2002. Every year, I come up with an excuse not to go (to be fair, most of the past 9 years I've either been pregnant or nursing so I've had 'good' excuses). This year I've had the 'well, what now!?!' thoughts and conversations and the answer is 'stuff you've always wanted to do, of course!'

So Bonnaroo 2014, I hope you live up to the hype. I'm excited to find out! Are you going to The Farm this year? Who are you looking forward to seeing? What's your favorite 'Roo activity? Recommendations are most welcome!


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