I am of the opinion that selfies have a bad wrap. Yes they can be somewhat annoying in certain circumstances, however, I think they’re a rather powerful form of expression. It’s a way to capture and control an image of yourself that you want to share and cultivate or simply preserve for the future. They rarely contain unflattering poses, or mouths gaping open, or double chins. They can show silliness, sadness, crafted goods or sincerity. The pictures of my own youth also don’t generally include my own mom as she was always the person behind the camera. I love to look back through digital feeds and laugh at the pictures I took both of my children and of myself. I also like that they will have a record of how I looked in my younger years. I like that they will have a visual reminder that I took the time to snap a picture so that they can remember what we used to do. So I’m a fan of selfies and plan to keep taking them, not for ‘likes’ but for my kids.



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