My ADHD has acted up quite a bit recently. It’s not a terrible thing, but the extra stresses of the Holiday season have definitely shown me that when I’m stressed, tired, eating poorly, and just not taking care if myself in general that I can (and will) become a train wreck that medication only helps keep at bay. I am so thankful for mostly averting those wrecks. When discussing my ADHD with a trusted friend, I always feel safe and I wish it was like that when I spoke to anyone about it. Sadly, that’s not the case and I think it would have been helpful to talk more openly about my wandering/distracted/impulsive mind this past season. Maybe I’ll just open my mouth anyway (who knows , maybe I’ll plant the seed of acceptance in someone). Time to get back to following the lists, putting things back in their places, and thinking warm thoughts until spring.


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