On Music

It may seem odd, but I’ve only ‘recently’ gotten into music. I like music and played the trumpet for years until I began mouth surgeries and braces (thank you genetically mutant teeth/mouth structure) and enjoyed concerts in moderation in my youth. But I never considered myself ‘into’ music. I couldn’t tell you bands, recite lyrics, and generally would listen to anything as long as it had a beat (still will). I didn’t question my attitude and passed it off as something I just wasn’t all about. However, like many things, that changed when I began taking meds for my previously undiagnosed ADHD. And I gotta say. WOW, I was missing out. I didn’t realize how much I couldn’t focus on a song and now this entire musical world has opened up. It’s crazy. It’s fun. Last summer I attended my first large music festival AND HAD A BALL. This summer, I hope to go back (ROO2015!). I kept a pretty open mind and was introduced to many groups that have dominated my Spoitfy feed for the past few months. I’ve rediscovered bands I liked a long time ago, and I’m learning to accept that I genuinely do love pop music as well (despite the disdain of many ‘hardcore’ music loving friends). But I like what I like. And I hope to find even more. What are you listening to at the moment? I’m up for just about anything!


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