Vegan/Food Decisions

Recently, I was encouraged by a coworker to watch the crowd funded  documentary Cowspiracy. It had been in my Netflix Queue for quite some time as I am often interested in new information and perspectives on our nations food production processes and the influence our food choices have on the environment, our health, and our society.  The premise behind Cowspiracy is that agribusiness is non-sustainable and destroying our environment. It supports a very compelling argument that the largest amount of impact a single person can have affecting the environment is living a vegan lifestyle. And I have to say, it definitely pulled on my Eco-feminist tendencies. This was approximately two weeks ago and in that time I have switched to a vegetarian (aspiring vegan) diet.  Here are my observations thus far in no particular order:

– My skin became softer. This was unexpected, but a quick google search led to the discovery that this is common. I also discovered that at some point in the future it is likely that I will not have body odor. Bonus!

– I was eating a much healthier diet than I though. While there was a bit of junk food in the house, my husband and I still mostly retained our ‘read the label’ skills from our long discarded Paleo/Primal diet and were still eating fairly fresh foods quite a bit of the time (minus frozen pizza). I also notice that I really don’t eat or gravitate towards dairy as often as I expected. Currently, I am only eating cheese if I am at work (and not much at that) and don’t anticipate missing it much as I further my education and find suitable alternatives. 

– I think I am going to miss eggs quite a bit until I settle on a good substitute. I have enjoyed a good over easy egg on toast with avocado & tomato in the past and I may take on the task of searching out a good local source now that I can’t stomach buying them in the store. At the moment I feel that is a compromise I am comfortable making for the occasional egg. 

– No one bats an eye at ‘vegetarian’, but a person receives all kinds of side-eye when mentioning the other ‘v’ word. When I can’t contain myself from talking about all this new information with someone the general response is ‘I could maybe go vegetarian, but I could NEVER go vegan’ or something along those lines. 

– My spouse is supportive of my dietary switch but has no interest in becoming a meat free household, himself switching, and I think he is worried I will try to convert him with the fervor of a cultist. He sees that all too familiar ‘she’s made up her stubborn mind and there’s no turning back’ gleam to my eye that is often associated with my feminist leanings. This generally means that if we begin discussing one of my passion philosophies that there is a good chance the discussion will become heated, especially if one of us has to concede on a viewpoint. (Side note: I rarely concede gracefully).  

– The kids are far less than enthusiastic over the idea of a vegetarian/vegan diet with the exception of all the sweet foods.  I’m struggling with respecting their criticism and how I will approach this in the future. 

Overall, the switch hasn’t been as ‘hard’ as I thought it might be.  That being said, it’s only a month away from Thanksgiving and I suspect this year might be rough since I don’t have full recipes to convert yet. It will be educational (as always, I’m sure!). 


Music Monday

Pronounced ‘Chess-key’

Today I’m sharing my love of Spotify and the number of artists it has allowed me to listen to on repeat with regularity on my paupers budget.  Ceschi’s newest album ‘Broken Bone Ballads’ has been a regular for two weeks now (I may go ahead and publish my review, but at the moment it sounds a bit too ‘fan girl’ in my head-the whole album is brilliant) and I’m beginning to explore the rest of his work currently available. Melodic indie hiphop at it’s finest folks, so check him out. 


On Music

It may seem odd, but I’ve only ‘recently’ gotten into music. I like music and played the trumpet for years until I began mouth surgeries and braces (thank you genetically mutant teeth/mouth structure) and enjoyed concerts in moderation in my youth. But I never considered myself ‘into’ music. I couldn’t tell you bands, recite lyrics, and generally would listen to anything as long as it had a beat (still will). I didn’t question my attitude and passed it off as something I just wasn’t all about. However, like many things, that changed when I began taking meds for my previously undiagnosed ADHD. And I gotta say. WOW, I was missing out. I didn’t realize how much I couldn’t focus on a song and now this entire musical world has opened up. It’s crazy. It’s fun. Last summer I attended my first large music festival AND HAD A BALL. This summer, I hope to go back (ROO2015!). I kept a pretty open mind and was introduced to many groups that have dominated my Spoitfy feed for the past few months. I’ve rediscovered bands I liked a long time ago, and I’m learning to accept that I genuinely do love pop music as well (despite the disdain of many ‘hardcore’ music loving friends). But I like what I like. And I hope to find even more. What are you listening to at the moment? I’m up for just about anything!



My ADHD has acted up quite a bit recently. It’s not a terrible thing, but the extra stresses of the Holiday season have definitely shown me that when I’m stressed, tired, eating poorly, and just not taking care if myself in general that I can (and will) become a train wreck that medication only helps keep at bay. I am so thankful for mostly averting those wrecks. When discussing my ADHD with a trusted friend, I always feel safe and I wish it was like that when I spoke to anyone about it. Sadly, that’s not the case and I think it would have been helpful to talk more openly about my wandering/distracted/impulsive mind this past season. Maybe I’ll just open my mouth anyway (who knows , maybe I’ll plant the seed of acceptance in someone). Time to get back to following the lists, putting things back in their places, and thinking warm thoughts until spring.


Random Saturday Thoughts

1. Need to clean house, but I don’t want to. Feeling guilty for this.

2. Thinks I should learn to write songs. Or hiphop.

3. I should Finish knitting the scoodie for my aunt.

4. Why can’t I just get paid to be a feminist? And for Pinterest.

5. Maybe be a knitting feminist?

6. I’m definitely weird.